Subjunctive – Present Perfect

hablar  to speak
yo haya hablado nosotros/as hayamos hablado
tú hayas hablado  
él/ella/usted haya hablado
ellos/as/ustedes hayan hablado


The present perfect subjunctive (presente perfecto subjuntivo) is formed with:

the present subjunctive of the auxiliary verb haber  + the past participle of the main verb.


The present perfect subjunctive is normally used in dependent clauses that describe an action which precedes the action of the main clause. The present perfect subjunctive is introduced by the same kinds of clauses that introduce the present subjunctive. The present subjunctive, on the other hand, indicates a simultaneous action or a future action.

¿Hay alguna palabra o frase que hayas escuchado?
Is there some word or sentence you have heard?

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