Indirect Speech – Present

Reporting Statements

To report what someone else says or thinks, link the main clause (él dice, ellos afirman, etc.) and the subordinate clause with que:

Sé que tengo que completar cuatro años y todos me dicen que es muy difícil.
I know that I have to complete four years and everybody tells me that it is very tough.

Reporting Questions

To report simple yes/no questions, use si.

Siempre me preguntan si hablo español. They always ask me if I speak Spanish.

To report an information question use an interrogative word such as cuándo, cómo, por qué, dónde, etc.:

Muchas veces te preguntan por qué tu acento en español es muy diferente.
Many times they ask you why your Spanish accent is so different.

Reporting Answers

To report yes/no answers, use que:

Y me dice que sí.
And she tells me yes.

Reporting Orders

To report an order, one can use a structure with que followed by the subjunctive:

Quiero que me hables acerca de tu vida.
I want you to talk me about your life.