Indefinite Adjectives

Indefinite adjectives qualify nouns and express the indefinite idea of quality (certain, any) or quantity (not one, each, different, several). Like all adjectives, they agree in number and gender with the noun they modify. Some indefinite adjectives may be used as indefinite pronouns to replace a noun.


Unlike most adjectives in Spanish, these adjectives precede the noun they modify; as seen in the example below, the adjective ninguna precede the noun it modifies, estación.

Allí no hay nada, ahí no hay ninguna estación de servicio…es en el medio de la nada.
There isn’t anything there, there isn’t a single gas station…. it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Common Indefinite Adjectives

  • ningún not one, not a single
  • cierto certain
  • cada each, every
  • diferentes various, some
  • varios various some
  • algún, some
  • poco a few
  • todo all, every